I like to think that all the Dex Holders gather to spend the holidays together. I especially love the beach headcanons! To combat the scorching summer heat, a trip to the beach is a must.

Red is one of the first to jump into the water, just enough time to take off his shirt and throw it away on the sand, and let’s go, in the water! In contrast, Green does not swim very often, or at least waits a while before diving: he just wets his feet on the shore staring at the horizon, and despite the insistence of Red, remains unmoved.

"C’mon Green, come to the water!"
“Now I don’t want to.”
At that moment, Gold sneaks up behind the Trainer, ready to push him into the water. As soon as he’s ready to push, Green realizes it and turns, but Gold unbalances and falls on to the boy: they both end up falling into the water. Green emerges, the look SLIGHTLY annoyed is covered by his hair that, soaked, have drooped down.
The two blackheads burst out laughing on seeing the companion reduced in this way. He is up to the two, and jumps on them, all three begin to fight in the water as if they were children.
“I told you I did not want to!”
“Calm down Green! Your hair are so beautiful now!”
“Ahahahahahaha! I’ve never tought that I would be able to see my Green acting in that so childish way!”
The struggle of the three is interrupted by the loud voice of Blue, that intent to slather on the sunscreen, has witnessed the whole scene.
Then, the boyfriend goes out of the water, decided to do: he grabs Blue by the hips and throws her into the water, accompanied by a general laugh.

"Ohoho, I’ve never believed that I would be able to see Blue thrashing in the water in that so childish way." "GREEEEEEEEN!"